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Colossi Sizes

Here are some diagrams I once made showing the various sizes of the colossi in comparison to each other and to other things such as our tallest buildings or the largest animals that have ever existed etc.
I worked out the sizes of the colossi by first working out Wander's height in comparison to the blocks you see in the secret garden. I know the blocks are 2 units high (from the memory editor values) so to work out their height in centimeters and feet I first estimated Wander's height at around 5ft 7 inches or thereabouts which results in the blocks being 256cm high or roughly 8 feet. Then I worked out how tall Celosia is in comparison to Wander as it's one of the smallest colossi which worked out to be around 12ft high or 3.6 metres. So each square on the grid is 4 x 4 feet. I've added a foot scale at the side of each colossi chart as a reference, but with some of the larger colossi the grid and scale become minute!

I referenced the Shadow of the Colossi Wiki for the sizes and they pretty much match up with what I worked out, so the following scales should be pretty accurate.

Colossi sizes from the art book

I traced the colossi in Adobe Illustrator from the image above, but for some that are hidden I used still shots from the Dormin editor models. I've added Wander to each chart so you can see the size difference. I've also added links to those images where the text is too small to read, such as Phalanx and Hydrus.

#1 - Valus
#2 - Quadratus
#3 - Gaius
#4 - Phaedra
#5 - Avion
#6 - Barba
#7 - Hydrus

#8 - Kuromori
#9 - Basaran
#10 - Dirge

#11 - Celosia
#12 - Pelagia
#13 - Phalanx

#14 - Cenobia
#15 - Argus
#16 - Malus

Colossi Sizes Chart

Compared to Earth's Largest Ever Living Creatures
You can see they make even the largest dinosaurs or whales look small

King Kong compared to Malus

Colossi sizes Photoshop montage
Hi res image: 

Update 24-10-13
I decided to check the colossi sizes using my memory editor to see if they matched up with what I had worked out before (and posted here) but it seems I was way off. I'm still trying to work this out as it seems the colossi are much smaller than I first realised... that is, the sizes I had posted here were based on Wander's approximate height as a base guide, so all measurements made thereafter were based on Wander's height.

But the memory editor doesn't lie and it is giving me different values. As far as I can tell, each 'unit' the memory editor uses is 1 metre (as the Japanese use metres) and I know that each map square is 600m x 600m, so it follows that I can note the value at the base of a colossus, then note the value at the top of the colossus to work out its height.

Value at base of Quadratus(-97)

Value at top of Quadratus (-75)

From the above example (using #2 Quadratus) we see that the base level is -97 and the top level is approximately -75, although there is a higher spine than the one Wander is standing on which I measured at -73, so the end result is (97 - 73 = 24 metres high). This differs greatly to what I had posted here before (30.5 metres high). Note: I have frozen Quadratus here so it can't move. Now let's look at its length.

Value at front of Quadratus (facing north/south)

Value at rear of Quadratus (facing north/south)

Above we see the values for the front and back of Quadratus which if you work it out equals just over 31 metres - lets say 32 metres to round it off. Again, this is much shorter than my original value of 42.6m. 

So what are we to make of this? Is the memory editor wrong? As far as I can tell, the height I originally worked out for Wander's height (based on the Secret Garden blocks) is accurate, but I may have over estimated the sizes of the colossi thereafter... but I'll keep working on it so stay tuned for more ; )

Update 29-10-13
Well, it seems my memory editor is wrong or it isn't using metre values... as I worked out Wander's height to be 1.2 metres or just under 4 feet tall! This can't be right (can it?) I can work out the exact size of the blocks in the secret garden by standing at the base and noting the value where Wander is standing, then climbing onto the block to see how high it is, and it's exactly 2 metres tall by 2 metres wide. When I'm riding around the lands the map squares are definitely 600m x 600m square, so I'm puzzled by these discrepancies.

Wander next to a block in the secret garden

Block is 2 metres high which makes Wander 1.2 metres high

Wander at base of Secret Garden block

Wander on top of the block (exactly 2 metres high)

Update 06-11-13
Well, I'm going to trust the values are correct, Wander is indeed a diminutive 4 feet tall (3.9 ft actually) which may be why Agro looks so large in comparison. Players have noted this in the past, Agro looks like a giant horse compared to Wander. So he's a little fella with big ambitions to save his beloved Mono.
Below I have again used my memory editor to work out the height of Gaius (#3), just to make sure you can see the process used above with Quadratus. I first freeze the colossus once it's standing as upright as it gets, that is as it walks it shifts slightly from side to side which effects its height. I wait until it's at its maximum height when I freeze it, then I take my measurements, at its feet then on top of its head.

So according to my memory editor Gaius is approximately 24 metres high which is 5 metres shorter than my previous height.
Update 13-03-15
Sorry it's taken so long to update this... I've contacted an admin at the Team Ico wiki about where he got the colossi sizes from. I'm still waiting for a reply as the admin in question is busy with his personal life, school, exams etc. So I look forward to his answer about this, and as soon as I know, I'll update this post with his response. But I'm confident that the method I am using is correct, I mean I'm actually taking measurements in real time from the game, so as far as I'm concerned this is an accurate reading of the colossi sizes.

Note: The admin got back to me and revealed the source as to where he got the colossi sizes used in the wiki... it was from 'me'! xD. I had to laugh when I found this out, here I was expecting to find out about a new source of info regarding the colossi sizes when all along he was using this blog post as a guide. Oh well, I guess that's why their sizes are out.

I added a comment recently to my 'Colossi sizes montage' video as there were many comments disputing the sizes I had shown in the video.

See hi-res image here:

You can see from the above image that Quadratus and Pelagia are the same height. When I put Pelagia in Quadratus' cave (in my Odds & Ends part 4 video), you can see this holds true, when it leaves the cave the space above it is identical to that of Quadratus. So it follows if Pelagia and Quadratus are correct, the other 14 colossi sizes are also correct. Note: I used the art book image (shown at the very start of this post) as the guide for my montage, based on the assumption that Team Ico know what they are talking about ; )

Update 21-05-15
I re-measured Wander by using a save stone as a comparison, just to make sure that my earlier measurements with the secret garden blocks were correct. I determined that a save stone is exactly 3 metres high, then by scaling its height to match Wander's I found that his height is the same as before (1.2m or 3.9ft). Here are the results:

Shrine of Worship save stone at floor level with Wander (9m)

Wander at the base of the save stone (his gravity value is 9.83m)

Wander on top of the save stone (value is 12.83m)

As you can see from the above images, the save stone is 12.83 - 9.83m high = 3 metres (or 9ft 10 inches) or approximately one storey (as in a building). Now let's scale the save stone in its up/down or z co-ordinate so that it matches Wander's height. Note: the save stone uses a value of 1 for its scale, i.e. length, width & height are set to 1.

Here the up/down scale is 0.415m

So Wander's height is 0.415 x 3 = 1.25 metres or 4.1 feet. This differs only slightly from what I measured before with the secret garden blocks (1.2m). So I am convinced now! Wander is a small person, only 4 feet tall (an average between 3.9 and 4.1 feet) or 1.2 metres tall. Compare this to an average sized man and you see this:

Wander compared to an average sized human man

Agro's Height
Using the save stone method I also measured Agro and here are the results:

Agro's height as compared to a scaled save stone (0.61 x 3 = 1.83m high)

Agro's saddle height as compared to a scaled save stone (0.49 x 3 = 1.47m)

Agro's length as compared to a scaled save stone (1.68m x 2 = 3.36m)

Argo compared to Wander chart

Players had always noticed how big Agro was compared to Wander, that is it seemed to be an enormous horse in comparison to the diminutive Wander character. Here we can finally see why; it's not Agro that is enlarged but rather Wander is very small in comparison to the horse. Granted, Agro is a large war horse, bred for battle and carnage perhaps? But it is Wander who creates the impression that the horse is too big to be normal, Agro appears to be a normal sized horse.

#5 Avion
Avion was a little more tricky to measure as I had to freeze it in flight with its wings outstretched and its tail nice and straight. I then took Wander and floated above each point to take my measurements, here are the results:

Wander floating above the tip of Avion's tail (direction is also shown)

Tip of Avion's nose (east/west direction)

Left wing (north/south direction)

Right wing (north/south direction)

#6 Barba
To measure Barba I can also use a method that I like to call 'stand-by mode'. I first shift Wander's camera to the colossus before it's triggered, you now have control over it. I can then manually trigger Barba to wake up, it walks right through the massive stone door and then stops. It's a little creepy seeing the colossus alive and awake but just standing rooted on the spot, its chest moving up and down as it breaths. Since the camera is now at Barba the game thinks it's the main character, as such it doesn't try to find Wander, only when Wander is the main character will it react.

These colossi controls are a leftover of an earlier design of the game, when you start a 2nd play through in Ico, you get control over Yorda using a 2nd controller, so a friend can play Yorda while you play Ico. These same functions were built into Shadow of the Colossus, but they (like a lot of other things) were abandoned in the end. But the controls of the colossi are still there, so you can make them walk, attack and die etc.
#7 Hydrus
To measure Hydrus, I found the codes for it before it is activated. Each colossus has two models, one that exists when it is first loaded and before Wander triggers it, and another once it has been triggered. The non-triggered models are defined by their lack of collision detection, that is Wander can't interact with them in any way. However, some of the colossi have small parts that are still solid, these are #1 (Valus' club), #3 (Giaus' arm bracelet) , #4 (Phaedra's full body in the NTSC version), #6 (Barba's beard), #8 (Kuromori's tail), #14' (Cenobia's head) and #15 (Argus' club). All the others are ghosts!

Hydrus before activation (above the lake)

So I found Hydrus' codes before it's triggered and moved it up out of the water, this way I can move Wander to the tip of its nose and then to the end of its tail to take my measurements - which are revealed below.
#8 Kuromori
To measure Kuromori it was simply a matter of by-passing the trigger point (by floating over it) then dropping down to the floor of the Colosseum. Kuromori is frozen here before being triggered so I can move Wander to its head and tail to make my measurements. Strangely, the Gecko's tail is solid so I can stand there, but apart from this small area the rest of the colossus is collision less.  


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  3. Ueda would probably like my enthusiasm but I'm not sure what he would think of my hacks. He might think I have sullied the purity of the game by doing things that were never intended... but you never know, he may find some of the things I do interesting.

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  15. Yeah, I know - that's why I removed them... the statue of liberty in my chart has the base it stands on so it's actually just over 300 ft tall, so about 100 feet higher than Malus.

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